A few of our Small Business Uniform we designed and printed accordingly to what they had in mind.

Just started your own business, but don't have a logo in place yet? Let us help you with designing something special that represents your small business Values, Vision and Mission. INFIX is here to fix your ideas in to place.


Wanting to wear your own Merch or logo designs?

Let INFIX help you get that printed on your everyday garments like T-shirts, hoodies, jackets and Hats. Yes we do it all.


Its that time of the year when we need our warm garments like Hoodies and Jackets.

Awesome way for you to create your own brand and get it printed on one of these awesome hoodies. They come in different colors and also in a variety of thickness. Starting from 250gsm to 400gsm.


Wanting your own messages on special occasion cards?

We got you covered. Let us know what you want and will get it customized and printed exactly how you want it to look. Like we mention before " We value your thoughts and ideas"


Reunion around the corner? Don't know were to go to get uniform designed and printed?

Let INFIX help you with all your designing and printing needs. We value your thoughts and ideas.

We also offer all sorts of uniforms, from sports teams to small business uniforms, you name it, we do it all. At a affordable price as well. Come on, what are you waiting for?



Wanting to car decal?

INFIX is your go to. We got you covered for all car decal. Send us your design and we can help you print it on your car.

Here is one of our designs we put together for one of our customers. " I was lost but now I'm found".


3000mm x 1500mm PVC Banner. Or even Back drop.

Looking for a way do decorate a wall space for a special occasion?

Try letting us design a back drop for you or even if you have something in mind, we have you covered.

You tell us and we can get it printed, from One meter to six meter long banners.